Friday, 2 July 2010

Deep in the Browne stuff

One of the Tories' constant mantras is that the State must learn from business practices (usually cutting jobs and eradicating pesky rules, such as employment and environmental protections).

In pursuit of this ideal, they've appointed Lord Browne as some kind of business efficiency supremo, to inculcate business efficiency in the civil service.

Let's put to one side the near-collapse of the economy due to business practices over the last couple of years. Instead, let's review Lord Browne's career:

1. He was head of BP, and 'saved' the company by instituting the kinds of cutbacks, corner-cutting and sharp practice which is currently destroying our American cousins' environment right now. Known as the Sun King, he oversaw the deaths of several Texans in a refinery explosion caused by poor maintenance and negligence. He was also a director of Goldman Sachs, one of the guiltiest parties in the crash.

2. He resigned in disgrace after being caught lying to a court about his private life. I believe this is called perjury.

Mmm. Exactly the kind of role model we need in government.

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