Friday, 30 July 2010

What do women want?

Apparently, skills, according to Rocky and Balls.
This is pure unrelenting filth, with ukulele. It's so damn catchy.


Benjamin Judge said...

I only managed six seconds before I wanted to kill everyone involved in the making of this video and had to turn it off.

Even for you Vole, even with the amount of folk and the like you stick up on this blog, that is a record.

The Plashing Vole said...

Brilliant - got a reaction. OK, the spoken bits are really embarrassing, but it's got puns, world play and pop.

intelliwench said...

Sounds like a marketing jingle for a trade school. Or the Boy Scouts.

Dan said...


It unfortunately appears to be time to start considering whether this blog should be run by some form of committee, where each new post has to be approved by a majority vote.

This particular post clearly demonstrates the Vole's increasing mental fragility, and his inability to safely manage a top flight blog such as 'The Plashing Vole'.

I shall henceforth start legal proceedings to have the Vole declared 'unfit to blog', and will be looking to assemble a team to act as caretaker managers of 'The Plashing Vole', whilst the Vole convalesces in a spa resort and/or a full time replacement is sought.

Anyone wishing to be considered for such a management position should consult the national newspapers next week, where a formal announcement and advertisement will be made. Lo-fi enthusiasts need not apply.

The Plashing Vole said...

Damn your eyes, sir. What's wrong with you people? Cloth ears, that's what.
Leave my lo-fi alone.
Who does this new jacket fasten at the back?