Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Now Uppal's taking the mickey

His latest question in Parliament:
What measures is the Deputy Prime Minister taking to tackle postal voting fraud, which particularly affected me during the last general election?
Er… no evidence that he's reported anything to the police or that there was any fraud. Certainly nothing in the local paper.

Only two people have been arrested for voting fraud in the area recently: both Conservatives.

I feel another letter coming on.

Dear Paul Uppal,
I notice that you asked the Deputy Prime Minister to take action on voting fraud, claiming that your vote in the general election suffered as a result of fraud. You also raised this matter in your maiden speech.
Can you make your evidence public?  What makes you think you have suffered from voting fraud? Have you reported this to the police? If not, why not?
A search of local newspapers and the web reveals no indication of concerns from other sources, no statement from you on this matter, and no report that the police are investigating fraud in Wolverhampton South West.
The nearest instance of voting fraud I can find is the conviction of 2 Conservatives in Walsall.
I'm sure you'll understand that making unsupported statements while not taking concrete steps undermines your credibility.
Yours sincerely, [Plashing Vole]


Ewarwoowar said...

This is gathering pace at a splendid rate.

Vole, will you be in your office tomorrow at about 1pm (roughly)?

I've written a 8,000 word piece on concrete and its impact in the modern day United Kingdom and thought you would be the man to look it over for me, if you would be so kind?

The Plashing Vole said...

With a treat like that in store, how could I refuse? I'll be there.