Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Uppal and about again!

Someone may have tipped off Paul Uppal that I'm looking for him in the ether: somebody from the Houses of Commons spent 21 minutes looking at my entries about the great man.

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Let's hope he learns some manners now.


Ewarwoowar said...

I for one am loving this Fabianesque (I've just invented that word) quest for Uppal to step up to the plate.

A google search of his name brings up your blog on the 1st page, which is excellent. It also brings up this rather eye-catching bit of information about the great man:

"Has spoken in 6 debates in the last year — below average amongst MPs.

Has received answers to 0 written questions in the last year — well below average amongst MPs.

Has voted in 95% of votes in this Parliament with this affiliation — well above average amongst MPs. (From Public Whip)

People have made 1 annotation on this MP’s speeches — below average amongst MPs."

Keep it up Paul!

(PS. Seriously, write into the paper about this)

The Plashing Vole said...

I'm enjoying it too. His parliamentary profile is that of a voting drone. Too dim to think for himself, he does what he's told by the party whips - in the hope of getting a job, and makes occasional short speeches in praise of…himself.

I'm very pleased to be top of the ranking. It's his fault for not making any effort on the web.

Sue's Blog said...

It is disgusting that you have not had a reply from your MP.
I e-mailed my MP, David Wright, and got an acknowledgement the next day, followed by a letter a few days later promising to look into the matter I had raised.

Tut Tut Mr Uppal why are you ignoring your constituents????

The Plashing Vole said...

The difference is that Tony Wright's a representative, whereas Uppal thinks he's been elected to rule. He's got no intention of engaging with constituents, only with voting through whatever Tory High Command wants. Uppal wants a ministerial job - he's got no interest in constituency matters.

I disagreed with Rob Marris, the previous MP, on loads of things - but he was a brilliant constituency worker, and earned my vote on that basis.