Friday, 30 July 2010

It's just not cricket

The 'England'-Pakistan Test match is a thriller, swinging all over the place.

Yesterday Welshman Alastair Cook made 8, South African former England captain Kevin Pietersen made a magnificent 9, while South African Andrew Strauss made 45 for Blighty. They were followed by South African Jonathan Trott, who managed 38. Englishman Paul Collingwood scored an excellent 82, while Irish turncoat Eoin Morgan made the majority of 'England's' runs with a brilliant 130. The tail (South African Matt Prior, drink-driving Englishman Graeme Swann, Englishmen Stuart Broad, Anderson and Finn) made an astonishing 11 runs between them.

So game on for the Pakistanis then - all of whom are from Pakistan - you'd think. Except that Jimmy Anderson's bowled the first two very cheaply (Butt 1 - 1 more run than Anderson managed, Farhat 19) and the other 'England' bowlers are playing magnificently. Anything could happen now.

Over-by-over coverage here.

Correction/update: Pakistan's leading batsmen are playing like 'England's' tail: they're on 41-4 and in terrible trouble (though the last wicket was a terrible mistake by the umpire)


Ewarwoowar said...

Whilst this amused me, it's always been the case - the great Ted Dexter was born in Milan!

And it's Pietersen :)

And now it's 47-6.

The Plashing Vole said...

Astonishing, Ewar.
Ta for spotting the typo.
Amazing collapse.