Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Greetings, Tory Scum

I've just had a visit from Conservative Central Office.

chugai-pharm.co.uk ? (U.K.)
IP Address194.203.158.# (Conservative Central Office)

Hello boys and girls.

In case you come back, let's make my feelings perfectly clear.

I don't like you, mostly because you don't like any of us. You don't like the poor, the brown, the foreign, the regional, the working-class, the intellectual and the public-sector. You don't act in the interests of the population as a whole, and you appear to valorise greed and selfishness.

Your MP for my constituency is apparently lazy and uncommunicative.

Your policies on education will thicken us.
Your policies on health will sicken us.
Your policies on the economy will ruin us.

But your friends will get rich.

Here's some Alan B'Stard, featuring an early mention of oil shale, and of the phrase 'Tory Scum', around the 9.30 mark.

That's basically why I don't like Tory Scum.

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