Thursday, 15 July 2010

Preserve the Criminal

Some good news today. Despite the cynical lies of politicians intent on courting the Daily Mail vote (slogan: 'stay in your homes'), the latest crime statistics show another, massive fall - down by 9% again. Soon, criminals will be an endangered species! I disagreed with so much of what the Labour Party did, but this is an unambiguous success. 

Murders are down to 615 - still not far off two per day, but not bad for 60+ million people, quite a few of whom are mentally ill. By comparison, the US manages about 18,000 with a population of 260 million. 

The predictions were that the recession would make people turn to crime, but it hasn't (so far) happened. British people seem to be getting nicer!

What a shame then that the Prime Minister's been caught lying, and had to be told off by the UK Statistics authority. 

Sir Michael Scholar spoke out after Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs that violent and gun crime "nearly doubled" under Labour.
The head of the statistics watchdog said he stood by a previous ruling that the Tory accusation was based on an "impossible" comparison of data.

Sir Michael also said the accusations were "likely to damage public trust" in the figures and he urged MPs and others to "take account" of his concerns.

He said that, following a fresh examination of the statistics, his view was "unchanged" since he rebuked former shadow home secretary Chris Grayling over a similar Tory claim made earlier this year. 

What Tory Scum!

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