Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gillian McKeith: the pooh thickens

Gillian McKeith (or 'Shitty Gill' as I call her because her main interest is in analysing other people's excrement) seems to understand she could be in legal hot water after libelling Dr Ben Goldacre: she called him a liar on Twitter, presumably for pointing out that her 'doctorate' is from a now-defunct unaccredited correspondence college and referenced weirdo magazines rather than peer-reviewed science,and that her prestigious diploma from the American Association of Nutritional Consultants was also available to his dead cat, that some of her 'herbal' remedies were illegal, that her scientific claims were from the land of make-believe and that she'd been forced to stop calling herself Doctor.

Hilariously, her (or someone's) response was to delete the libellous Tweets - but not properly -  then remove the links to her Twitter page from her own website, then post a few weird messages claiming that it wasn't actually her Twitter feed - despite linking to it ('Follow Me On Twitter') in her own newsletter! Unconvincing, and as responsible as an 8 year-old caught eating jam from the pot.

The whole weird story is here, with all the technical detective work explained. I'm loving this.

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Ewarwoowar said...

I don't "follow" the cunt, but I was following that situation closely on Twitter yesterday.

All very odd. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of the end for this nutter.