Thursday, 29 July 2010


Firstly, a massive happy birthday to Cynical Ben. He's a git, but he's my git. It's also Zoot Horn's birthday - the coolest man in the Black Country.

Secondly, huge thanks to Ewar and Dan. They ran a sweepstake on the World Cup, and I won - despite not supporting Spain. They just called in with my prize, and I must say that they've done themselves proud. Everything a gentleman-about-town might want is in the box - a shoe box decorated with Panini World Cup stickers -  (or, everything Ewar and Dan didn't want). Plus an England flag.

(They apparently have a great new 'project' in the pipeline, so look out for it).

The Loon, by Tapes n Tapes
The Dead 60s by The Dead 60s
The Killers' Sam's Town
About What You Know by Little Man Tate
The Best of the Secret Policeman's Ball Part 2 (from The Guardian)
A Stereophonics sampler from The Sun, packaged in a West Midlands Police recruitment box.
A Daily Mail cover-mounted DVD of Relative Values, a notoriously bad film.
DVDs of John Motson's Greatest Ever Matches of Football and Mark and Lard's Football Nightmares
Graham Betts' Greatest Moments of Football book ('22 of the Classic Moments of FOOTBALL')
A. M. Homes's This Book Will Save Your Life
Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth
H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds
Naked Camera 3 DVD
Paddy McGuinness Live DVD ('Free Ringtone worth £3 - SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS')
Gary Lineker's Favourite Football Stories (perhaps my favourite)
and a packet of table tennis balls. Of course.

Ben is going to be sooooo jealous. I'm a fortunate man.


Benjamin. said...

Jesus, you're a lucky man Vole. That collection of shite could very well earn you big bucks on a future appearance of 'Cash in the Attic'.

Dan said...

I wondered where that Stereophonics CD had got too. The Bartender & The Thief - a lost classic.

Zoot Horn said...

Do I share a birthday with Ben AND my twin brother? Woooah... crowded maaan, crowded... Hope yours is better than mine Ben (no pressies until payday tomorrow, then, sadly, very few...)

Benjamin Judge said...

Happy Birthday Zoot Horn. You, me, your twin AND Andy Peters. All the greats, all the greats.

I worked from 8 am until 10 pm yesterday so not the most perfect of birthdays. My self-bought present has been dispatched by Amazon though so not all bad.

Vole: There are one or two classics there but they are surrounded by a whole load of crap. I'm not overly concerned I got Serbia in the draw now.