Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Scientologists: as ***** as "Dr" Gillian McKeith "PhD"?

Some organisations haven't worked out that responding to every little pinprick with a hammer makes you look oppressive and moronic.

Hot on the heels of Shitty Gill's Twitter foolishness comes the "Church" of "Scientology". Rather narked by a Welsh Councillor's description of them as 'stupid', they're trying to have him sacked because his Twitter account was "CllrJohnDixon" and therefore 'official' - which seems moronic. Even worse, they claim that the use of 'stupid' is an attack on 'religious freedom' - as if having an opinion is unacceptable.

Now, I've got a title too. It's 'Dr', and it's a real one, from a genuine accredited university with a letterhead and everything. I also have a job.

So with my PhD, I think I can confidently provide a list of adjectives for Scientology to go alongside the stupidity. Let's see if they try to get me fired.

anti-scientific, despite the name
Made-up (like all religions but in a rather more business-like fashion)
the Goldman Sachs of religions
Disgraceful, opportunistic, shameless and tasteless

Can you think of any more words for them, children? For a cult invented by a terrible science fiction writer in the 1950s because it was lucrative and tax-efficient? For a group obsessed with recruiting the rich, the famous and the powerful, one which treats its own members badly and preys on the vulnerable, weak and lonely?

Oh yes. It's a religion.

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