Monday, 26 July 2010

Uppal where the air is clear

Well, it's three months since I wrote to Paul Uppal, my new MP, with a few polite and relevant questions. No reply yet.

In that time, the government has managed to attack the poor, the sick, the young and the old. It's begun the privatisation of the NHS and education, withdrawn environmental and food protection, reduced benefits and cut taxes for its business friends. Whatever you think of their actions, you can't accuse the Tory Scum and their Lib Dem little helpers of laziness.

What's Uppal done? 30 short lines of self-serving speeches in the Commons. No surgeries, no updates about his activity, no Bills proposed, no committees joined, no questions asked.

He must be exhausted.

Meanwhile, another Tory Scum MP is in trouble for speaking his mind. Rory Stewart, previously trumpeted as the role model for aristocracy (Eton, Sandhurst, Kosovo, Foreign Office, deputy governor of an Iraqi province, tutor to the idiot princes, Harvard professor), has this to say about his own constituents:

"Some areas around here are pretty primitive, people holding up their trousers with bits of twine and that sort of thing.
"I was in one village where a local kid was run over by a tractor. They took him to Carlisle but they couldn't be bothered to wait at the hospital. So they put him in a darkened room for two weeks then said he was fine. But I'm not so sure he was."

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