Thursday, 22 July 2010

"You're some kind of hillside grazer of culture. A sheep. A cow"

I think I should spread the word on Rich Hall's series on American culture. I thought he was just an acerbic comedian on Mock the Week and similar shows, but this series has been utterly fantastic ("you're a ruminant. Fuck you"). He's more conservative than I am (who isn't?), but his explorations of topics such as representations of the American South, and of the cultural significance of the Western (last night's episode - UK only, sorry) are brilliant: passionate, informed and individual. He's not just reading someone else's words either - he wrote them.

There's not a lot a Cultural Studies academic won't know, but the detail, the overview and the readings of cultural texts are top quality. Highly recommended.

Here's a taste:

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Graham Quirk said...

It's a very impressive series isn't it? I used to love his character Otis Lee Crenshaw. His improvisational skills on the songs he crated about audience members was second to none!

P.s Dylan Moran tickets available today for his pre-tour warm up at the Glee club on August 14th and 15th, if you're a fan.