Thursday, 14 January 2021

A Time For Healing

Being somewhat overwhelmed by marking and teaching preparation at the moment, I'm turning my blog over to a friend of mine who wishes to make a statement regarding recent political events over the pond. 

Over to you, Lucius. 

Jason Isaacs reveals what happened to Lucius Malfoy after Harry Potter -  Radio Times

Statement to the Press from the Honourable Lucius K. Malfoy, Hogwarts (La.) Board of Governors. 

Like all inhabitants of this realm, I have been disturbed by recent events at the political heart of our nation. We've all seen the more unruly elements of our movement lose their customary cool in the face of repeated, vicious attacks on their legitimate concerns and deeply-held beliefs. While no-one wishes to condone violence, I appeal to their detractors to approach their fellow citizens in a spirit of healing and coming together. I have no doubt that Headmaster Voldemort's casting of the Dark Mark above Hogwarts was intended in a spirit of altruism and concern which I echo. No doubt there are good people on both sides, and any decent patriot will understand that the Death-Eater name and associated symbols are simply indications of an impish sense of humour on the part of some very special people. As strong supporters of Blue Lives Matter, we mourn the loss of even a single Auror and only wish that our opponents had the same respect for law and order that we do. No true supporter of ours could ever endorse political violence. 

Some of my colleagues and indeed political rivals have suggested that I bear some responsibility for the effervescent high spirits of Team Death Eater, charging me with casting dark spells over our enemies, directing these aggrieved citizens through my Howler account towards the location of Headmaster-Elect Potter and his élitist beltway liberals in the Scribbler, calling for 'trial by combat' and identifying weak spots in the Hogwarts defences. I can only appeal to them to examine their consciences and work out how they've lost touch with the silent majority who see in President Voldemort a confident leader who understands the desires of the excluded, real people of this nation, a people who are opposed to uncontrolled Muggle immigration and insist on their right to bear wands in the face of a Ministry of Magic which has been taken over by the Deep State and spends its time hosting interminable witch-trials. 

Despite the machinations of the Ministry in this rigged process, it is clear that President Voldemort remains the true Chosen One, and I will never waiver in my determination to help him crush his enemies beneath his heel, yet this is not a time for vengefulness and divisiveness. While he may on occasion have used unfortunate language in the teeth of provocation, we must not seek to impeach or imperil the Dark Headmaster or criticise each other for voting to overturn the results of recent elections, but come together in a spirit of patriotic togetherness. I intend to retain my position on the board of governors despite my fervent desire to see certain colleagues subjected to the Cruciatus Curse, seeing no contradiction between a belief in summary justice and democracy. It is time for our radical left opponents to accept that any further criticism or action against the Dark Lord will only fuel division and provoke anger and I appeal to them to pursue reconciliation between His Evil Majesty and the sheep.