Monday, 12 July 2010

Not just me

Over in Tennessee, Intelliwench shares the tedium of campus life (which is, I should add, often stimulating and enjoyable). Go see her - she can write.

Prizes will not be given for the saddest tale of administrative abuses of power, but that doesn't stop the sharing.
Your program director will cheerfully answer any questions you have, at least the first and second times. After that she will become quite testy and refer you to the program Web site or the informative handout you were given 5-minutes prior. She will smile when you ask how she is. And she will weep to see you leave at the end of 4 weeks. Whether this is because she will genuinely miss you, because her veneer of self-control has finally cracked, or because she knows she must immediately begin planning for next year's program, well . . . .

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