Thursday, 1 July 2010


There's a Kickstarter plan afoot: to fund a Vuvuzela orchestra to play outside BP's headquarters for an entire day - longer if they can manage it! This reminds me of the Indian state which hired singing eunuchs to serenade tax avoiders until they paid up, with excellent results!

The question is - what songs should the orchestra play for BP? 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'? Blur's 'Oily Water'? Steve Earle or Kristin Hersh's 'Snake Oil' or Incubus's 'Oil and Water'? Tower of Power's 'Only So Much Oil in the Ground'? Midnight Oil's 'Somebody's Trying to Tell Me Something', 'Underwater', or their 'Someone Else to Blame'? 'Oil Field is Burning' by Mark Lee Allen? Paul Wall's 'Sliding on that Oil'? Jerry Reed's 'The Crude Oil Blues'?

Just not Jethro Tull's 'North Sea Oil' (play the clip at your own risk - it does contain Jazz Flute).

Other suggestions?

This tracklist writes itself. Send them a small donation.

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