Thursday, 1 July 2010

Irreconcilable differences?

You may have noticed that I've had my disagreements with the Vice-Chancellor (popularly known as Kim Jong-****) over the past few years. I object to her 'earning' £90,000 more than the prime minister, to her sacking 160 people to cover an £8m government clawback for fiddling student numbers, to her giving honorary doctorates to torturers, to the attack on humanities and a number of other issues.

Turns out today that we can't even talk about the weather without falling out. Meeting in a doorway and forced to acknowledge each others' existence, we naturally fall back on the weather. She - deeply tanned - rues the end of the heat; I glance at the sky and celebrate the breaking of the searing, cancer-causing oppressiveness. We part, no doubt convinced that industrial relations are irreparably sundered by our failure to agree on the most inconsequential facets of life.

Meanwhile, a little example of how this place works:
modules on the list of modules not submitted for validation need to be deleted. I'm afraid to say that the way the system works is that modules need to be submitted for validation before they can be deleted from the system.

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