Monday, 5 July 2010

Charles Spencer King, RIP

(Note for visitors: if you aren't a builder, farmer or live up a mountain but drive/want an SUV, you are scum. Sod off - after reading the rest of this)

Spare a moment's thought for Mr King, who was knocked off his bicycle and killed last week, another tragic victim of arrogant, dangerous driving. He seems like a thoroughly good man. He said this

"Sadly, the 4x4 [SUV for Americans] has become an acceptable alternative to Mercedes or BMW for the pompous, self-important driver. I find the people who use it as such deeply unattractive. To use them for the school run, or even in cities or towns at all, is deeply stupid".

Farmers and builders need these things. Nobody else. Mr King drove a VW Golf and appeared to labour under the illusion that people buy things they need, rather than to impose a set of (disgusting) social values on others.

Why do Mr King's views on Chelsea Tractors matter, apart from the fact that he's right on these awful, dangerous, monstrous and polluting examples of why capitalism is a moral and environmental failure?

He designed the Range Rover (now morphed into this offence).

The original - designed so that a farmer could hose out the sheepshit then drive to the Young Farmers' Ball

Current Range Rover: designed to impress more junior executives and other drug dealers: consumerism's no fun without 'conspicuous'. More importantly, you need the several tons and four wheel drive for that treacherous 1 mile drive to school because let's face it, North London's a terrifying and threatening extreme environment.

The new Range Rover Evoque. Why have a life when you can buy a 'lifestyle'?

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