Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Go Swimming, See The Sights

What could be more picturesque than a naked man drying all his genital crevices under the wall-mounted hand-dryer?

Google appears to lack illustrative images. Yes, I'm sad too.

Meanwhile, on the way back from swimming, some spectacularly arrogant driving inspired a new marketing slogan, which I'm happy to licence to Range Rover and other companies, perhaps accompanying a picture of a child in crosshairs.

Oddly, Google fails to provide an appropriate image for that too, but here's one I made earlier.

Because let's face it: hit a kid in a tin can and she might bounce off alive. Smack her with a 4 ton brick carrying one person and an iPhone and it's Game Over.

1 comment:

Sinéad said...

you know, if you ever tire (if you were in america, that would be a very funny, if misspelled, pun) of being an academic, there is a bright future ahead of you in advertising... think 'they're boxy, but good', only edgier!