Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Massive cheers for the Vice Chancellor of The University of Ulster

Richard Barnett, VC at UU (sadly, not Ankh-Morpork's finest education establishment) isn't a fan of fees. The Northern Ireland Assembly has decided to impose them, and he's not impressed by their reasoning, or that of his UK peers:
It is regrettable that it would appear there will be a marked increase in tuition fees in Northern Ireland despite the University of Ulster voicing concerns that such a rise could act as a deterrent for  people from low income backgrounds entering higher education. 
People should be in no doubt that these recommendations are a direct consequence of Lord Browne’s review of higher education in England, who was egged on by a small group of vice-chancellors from universities more interested in attracting students who will be able to afford high fees.
What a great bloke. He appears to think that £9k per year will filter out the oiks, chavs, yobboes and proles. Unlike the toff universities (who manage to get rid of them quite effectively already), he doesn't think it's a great idea.

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