Monday, 21 February 2011

Grandma's birthday joy

I think my gran enjoyed the bits of her 98th birthday she was conscious for. OK, she didn't know me or my mother (who cares for her 24 hours per day), but she seemed happy.

I'm sure she's really looking forward to her present from me: a Manchester United football training day. She was trying out her bicycle kicks only last night - success rate hovering around the 70% mark, I reckon. She'd certainly give Owen Hargreaves competition for his coveted 2nd reserve team spot, and she's only slightly older than Giggs.

Talking of football - not a bad weekend for the Potters. Man U weren't too convincing in their 1-0 victory over non-league Crawley!

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Ewarwoowar said...

She'd be better than Gibson and Obertan tbf.