Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Give with one hand, take with the other

This is what David Cameron said - a few days ago - about Advantage West Midlands, a quango optimistically designed to encourage investment in the region:

"You are the doers and the grafters who are going to bring the wealth, the jobs and opportunity our country needs so badly." …  That is one of the things the big society should be all about."

This is what's happening to Advantage West Midlands:

However, most of the 340 staff who worked for Advantage WM expect to be made redundant in September and the organisation, which has an annual investment budget of £300m, will be wound up in March next year.

They're not just evil, they're incompetent.

In November Vince Cable, the business secretary, described the abolition of RDAs as "a little Maoist and chaotic".

I hope you enjoy this radio interview with a government minister on the Big Society as much as I did. Squirming doesn't cover it. Did you know that two government ministers' only 'voluntary' activity is being on the governors of fee-paying schools?

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Sinéad said...

very squirmy indeed, but methinks the interviewer should have gone all Paxman on his ass and pressed him for an answer to the question!