Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Missed anniversaries

I was so overcome with work that I missed a significant date.

The 10th February marked exactly one year since Paul Uppal's first and only Tweet.
He follows, if you're interested, 4 feeds: Tory HQ and Sky News to tell him what to think, some other local Tory who hasn't tweeted anything at all, and Iain Dale, Tory blogger (perhaps ironically, given Paul's reluctant and dishonest approach to blogging, e.g. start one because HQ told him to, delete negative comments, slag off anyone who doesn't like racism and hope nobody notices, close it down).

At least Uppal's Twittering work-rate matches his parliamentary effort.

Here's a little bit from his self-promoting website (conspicuous by its absence is any interest in what his constituents think):

Paul is an avid sports fan and follows football and cricket, but feels that the most important thing in his life is spending time with his family.

Er… fair enough, but why run for Parliament and spend a lot of time down there. Surely there should be something about representing and fighting for one's constituents? And isn't there something seriously patronising about going on about how normal he is because he likes sport and his family? Who, amongst his constituents, actually gives a flying one about whether he likes sport? Quite frankly, he could spend his leisure hours smearing himself in marmalade and punching bees as long as he put the effort in at work, but he doesn't. Instead, he tries to appeal to what he thinks is the man in the street by mentioning sport, as though we'll all go 'never mind him voting to enrich himself, slash education, healthcare, benefits and the arts: at least he likes footy. He's got my foot'.

(By the way, the single article on the site seems to accept comments, but you can't actually post anything - try it. Seems quite symbolic of his general approach). He seems reluctant to publicise his work on behalf of property developers - perhaps he thinks his constituents might not like him working for himself and his mates when he's meant to be representing us.

What does he do when he's not trying to get property taxes reduced? He lobbied Parliament to stop regulation of bullshit woo fake evil homeopathic/complementary medicines - their pressure group ( even thank him for his efforts to help them escape proper scrutiny. Apparently the right to lie and cheat the sick is a 'human right'.

Anything else? Well, he's got an unpaid intern - probably illegal of course. Hope he's started paying him or her. I wonder…

Voluntary workers’ employment status is defined by the condition of work, not how the employer wishes to describe it. For example, if a company wished to advertise a 45 hour a week job as an unpaid internship, under employment law they would still need to pay. In 2009 an Employment Tribunal ruled that a formerly unpaid intern was entitled to lost wages as a worker. For more information on interns and employment law, please contact or see the TUC’s website on interns’ rights:
I feel much better now. Good night!


Ewarwoowar said...

As Andy/Andrew Cole once said - outstanding.

I can only offer you my condolences. In my neck of the woods, local Tory Scumster Mark Pritchard does a decent job and one which sadly I can't complain about. That is when he's not continuing his feud with fellow Tory Scumster, albeit with fit wife, John Bercow:

The Plashing Vole said...

I'm really enjoying the Bercow/Tory feud. Bercow was once one of the most rightwing people in politics, and has gradually moved to the centre, perhaps under the influence of his Labour-candidate wife. So naturally the Tories hate him. Good fun all round. Though I think he's been a really brilliant Speaker.