Tuesday, 8 February 2011

He stole from The People to give to the People

Meet Lee Horton. He earned £90,000 per year to churn out garbage, filling the pages of a 'newspaper' called The People. What a weird slogan they have by the way - the epitome of bathos:

The best source for national and international news, celebrity gossip, lifestyle ideas and pet care 

But Lee had a secret. He abused the expenses scheme to steal £370,000. Some of it (disgracefully) he spent on school fees - but he also spent it on charity donations and school funds.

Huzzah for Lee Horton. He took money acquired through peddling lies and filth and used it to improve the lives of people around him. Having caused so much damage in his professional life, he made amends with the company's money. Good for him!

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