Monday, 14 February 2011

Thanks God!

Six people died in a plane crash in Cork, Ireland last week. An evangelical God-botherer survived with minor injuries:

One of the survivors has been named as Donal Walsh, a volunteer for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Ireland.
A spokesman for the organisation said: “I can confirm that one of our Relay (intern) workers, Donal Walsh, was a passenger on the aeroplane that crashed on landing at Cork Airport this morning.
“He miraculously walked away from this tragic accident, escaping with minor injuries. He is in hospital at the moment receiving follow-up treatment.”

Director of the organisation Adam Jones said he received a reassuring text message from Mr Walsh shortly after the incident.
“I am fine with very minor injuries all things considered. Thank God,” it said. 

That's right. It was a miracle. God decided that he wanted to bump off a random selection of people, but that He would spare Donal.

Statements like this are one of the things guaranteed to make me an angry Vole. Whenever anything like this happens, these morons say things like 'it was a miracle' or even worse 'God saved me for a purpose' or something similar.

I'd really like to see them say these things to the families of the dead, because the subtext is that God wanted the others dead. Thanks God!

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Connie said...

The God Squad can't lose. If you survive an accident then it's a miracle, if you die then it's because God wants you in heaven.

Of course, everything could just happen by chance, but that's just me being silly.

It is heartening to see this man's sensitive handling of the situation he found himself in though. Praise the Lord.