Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spot the difference: Eastern edition

One of the interesting features of Egypt's semi-revolution was the United States's tortured negotiation between its pro-democracy rhetoric and its realpolitik which continues to require the installation of obedient puppet regimes (and yes, the UK is one of them) in furtherance of its global interests.

Today, protests continue in Iran, which is at least partly democratic, however flawed. Very instructively, Hillary Clinton is first in line with demands for liberation, almost exactly like she wasn't last week.

Hil(l)lariously, she takes the Iranian leadership to task for praising Egypt's revolutionaries while cracking down at home. Er, Hillary: I wouldn't cast any stones right now, given your craven attempts to 'manage' Egyptian politics in favour of strong-armed dictators.

Democracy, it seems, is a virus with which you infect your enemies, not your friends.

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