Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Students: up your game

The always interesting and provocative Tara Brabazon (whose books I recommend) has a checklist of ways to improve student performance in the THES.

Some of what she has to say may strike a chord with those of you currently in education:

First-year orientation programmes are boring. Sessions introduce timetables, plagiarism, electives, plagiarism, personal tutors, plagiarism, reading lists and, yes, plagiarism. Students arrive at university filled with hope, inspiration and aspiration. Within two hours, excitement is squelched from their minds.
Universities such as Duke in North Carolina use applications to feed logistical material to students’ mobile phones. Such strategies enable a better use of orientation time, with attention given to thinking, reading and writing. 
The article elucidates the problems of being a first-year student, and the checklist is a really quick and simple guide to eliminating the basic errors of essay-writing. If you don't mark essays regularly, you'll think it's hugely simplistic. You'd be wrong.

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