Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another Scoop for the Express and Star

My local paper managed to scoop all the international media organisations with its front page yesterday: HUNDREDS DIE AS EARTHQUAKE HITS NEW ZEALAND.

Very impressive for a paper which struggles to accurately report events in The Dark Place's suburbs, let alone several thousand miles away.

Still, a scoop's a scoop. With one small wrinkle. The NZ government last night confirmed 39 deaths and warned that the number will go up (this morning it's 55). Not hundreds. As even the E+S reports, 200 people are believed to be trapped, which makes it almost impossible for 'hundreds' to be killed. If they all die, then it will be 2 hundreds. Awful, but not quite the apocalypse the headline writer wanted. 

This horrible little rag is only in line with the other media: each white death is worth about 10 of other races, and each English-speaking death is worth 5 of any other white people.


Anonymous said...

Keith Harrison who (I think) is the deputy ed, is in uni quite should have a chat with him lol

The Plashing Vole said...

A chat down a dark alley… I've already brought in the PCC about their treatment of travellers and Gypsies.

Nothing said...
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