Thursday, 3 February 2011

The World According to Fox

Apparently the world can be divided into 'Friends', who get a smiley face, 'Frenemies' and 'Enemies'.

The Egyptian riots are connected in some way to the UK tuition fees protests.

The UK is riddled with Marxists and Islamic extremists and they're about to forge an alliance to build a Communist Islamic Caliphate which will only be defeated by China after it stretches from here to their borders.

What happens to the overwhelming radical population of the UK, of radical Islamicists. What happens? Do they just sit around on their hands or do they see an opportunity? When you take the Marxists and you combine them with the radical in Islam the whole world begins to implode.
The Muslim radicals in Europe and England rise up. You've got the communists and the Muslim radicals, they are not one and the same, they are not coordinating or anything else. But once they start to work together - whether it is coordinated or not, and I don't believe it would be - once they start to work together in concert Europe is done. It is done. Where is the police force that is going to be able to police the entire world like that. 

(Yes, I know Marx condemned religion as the opium of the people, and that China should technically support Marxists, but we're in dreamland here). At least the Welsh and Scottish Muslim radicals and communists won't work together. Splitters! Unless he means the UK whenever he says 'England', of course.

This is what Glenn Beck, the most influential TV commentator in the US, is telling his viewers. There's a lot more madness here, or watch this for a taste:


Sinéad said...

how is 'working together in concert' not the same as being 'co-ordinated'? Glenn Beck is an arse and an idiot. His ignorance is staggering. The really scary thing, however, is (as you point out) how many people listen uncritically to what he has to say and take it for exactly what it is intended to be: fear-mongering claptrap designed to insulate and separate themselves from the hellish Triumvirate of Liberalism, Communism, and Islam. Because, obviously, those three are in fact, one and the same.

neal said...

This is hilarious. Well, it would be if it were a spoof. I think Beck's been spending too much time playing Risk.