Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yet another punch in the face from the government

Most governments, surveying a low-paid workforce and economy based on exporting manual work, would think that boosting education is the way to success.

Not this one: the 19 out of 28 multimillionaires who form the Cabinet like a compliant, uneducated, obedient workforce. They don't want to pay for education. After all, they can afford fees and the universities they go to own large amounts of land and possess huge bank accounts.

So they're cutting education funding - a billion or so last year, £940m today. No new equipment, no new books, no new staff, bigger classes and a worse experience all round. And don't go thinking that the massive new fees will help: they won't even cover the 80% cut in the teaching budget from last year.

What a dumb and depressing approach from supposedly the cleverest people in the country.

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