Saturday, 3 September 2011

UK School Games - the story so far

While I have a few minutes, I'll stick up a couple of pictures from the opening ceremony and first day's fencing. Today, we're in the windowless sports hall for 13 hours. I have developed scurvy and vitamin-D deficiency. Ah well, who needs teeth?

The opening ceremony was very much a game of two halves: acrobats, gymnasts and stunt bikes were very entertaining: fading BBC stars, businessmen and Sebastian Coe went down like the proverbial bucket of cold sick. That's what happens when you plug supermarkets relentlessly.

The obligatory self-portrait

A little too naturalist?

Robinson lands one for Wales

Pleasingly symmetrical simultaneous hit

Soji Aiyenuro tip-toes down the piste

From the video review system

Kirsten Beggs (NI) has guts…

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