Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Support Your Striking Footballers

Fraternal Greetings to Comrade Tevez of the Manchester City union chapel, who has withdrawn his labour in an act of dignified resistance to oppression and exploitation the like of which should inspire us all.

Your proletarian counterparts offer you solidarity in your hour of need, Comrade. Resist the forces of Mancini-ist Running-Dog Managerialism!
For me, if a player earns a lot of money playing for Manchester City in the Champions League and he behaves like this – he cannot play again. Never. He has wanted to leave for the last two years. For two years I have helped him, and now he has refused to play. Never again."
Power to the Workers by Foot or by Brain! No longer shall the oppression of the Sporting Proletariat be tolerated! Why should your humiliation be endured a moment longer?

For too long your efforts have been repaid with a paltry £250,000 per week - and now this lackey of the international Boss Class sends you out to the field for 35 minutes to emphasise your Subjugation.

A wave of sympathetic strikes and secondary pickets is no doubt sweeping the nation as your fellows take a stand with you. All Out in Aldershot! Strikes at Stoke City! Pickets at the Posh! Braziers in Barnsley, Sit-Ins in Sunderland.

Never fear, Brother Carlos. The working class feels your pain. Workers of the World: Unite!


ed said...

Ewarwoowar said...

Indeed, Ed. Indeed.

It would have been a better post if Vole had dropped the OTT nature and written it as if he genuinely meant it. I'll give him a 4/10, please see me, must try harder etc.

The Plashing Vole said...

That was meant to be satirical! I think he's a prize jerk.