Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Who needs talent, when you've got faith?

With material this good, I might make this a regular feature: BAD CHRISTIAN ART. Stand aside Michelangelo, with your 'perspective' and 'ability'. Jesus directs Stephen Sawyer's paintbrush:

'Through Jesus' Eyes'

'When Angels Wait'

'No appointment necessary'.
The only thing worse than the execution is the stonewashed denim. I know 2000 years is a long time ago, but HELLO? STONEWASH?

Here's one by another artist. It's a humdinger. Now what did Redneck Jesus say about 'turning the other cheek'?

I intend to buy one of these prints and offer it as a prize in the near future.

Perhaps Mr. Sawyer will be offended. But he'll forgive me. That's the rules.


intelliwench said...

Wow. Looks like Mr. Sawyer, in his younger daze, was his own model, too. Almost makes me wish there was an afterlife so I could see what Jesus actually looked like.

The Plashing Vole said...

I suspect that, despite the statues dotted around at home and the Catholic churches I frequented as a youth, he probably looked a bit, well, Jewish!