Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lessons from literature

Well, that's one graduation ceremony down, one to go. It's really sad seeing these students go: this particular year group has been funny, intelligent, likeable and challenging, and I'll miss them. Not all of them of course: watching the plagiarists and gadabouts cross the stage in cap and gown, scot free, is particularly galling. But they're a tiny proportion. I've said goodbye to so many students today - many of them going to do prestigious MA courses elsewhere.

We sent them on their way with a series of speeches. I've no idea what the content was, because they were delivered - with the exception of the SU woman and the honorary doctorate recipient - with all the inspirations joie de vivre of a catatonic bingo caller or the concierge in a Soviet bread queue. Such a shame.

The loss leads me to listen to some George Crumb:

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