Monday, 12 September 2011

Book 'em

A few items in today:
my third copy (in different editions) of Dorothy Edwards' 1928 quietly modernist Winter Sonata. I wrote my MA on her, amongst others, and wish she were better known. I'm still looking out for a first edition, so if you ever see one, let me know. I've just ordered the American first edition with dust jacket for £22, but the cheapest UK first is £60, with no dust jacket. I'm not that desperate!

Meg Rosoff's There Is No Dog, in which God is a lazy, lusty teenage boy (wonder why not a girl?). I'm guessing this won't be on the reading list in many American schools.

Finally, Daniel Woodrell's Winter's Bone. I haven't seen the film, which is meant to be very good, but I've been meaning to buy the book for ages. It's the story of a worn-down teenage girl trying to hold together her family in the drug-ravaged mountain communities of Missouri.

And the new Laura Marling album is here. Huzzah!

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