Friday, 30 September 2011

The bookseller's lament

I don't often go to the bookshop in The Dark Place. They keep calling me 'buddy' without any reasonable grounds or permission (I'm not a decking retriever), try to sell me discounted books which bear no resemblance to the ones I've purchased, and gawp blankly when I ask for anything which isn't on '3 for 2'.

If there was a decent bookshop here, I'd go there, or mourn its loss. Few things are more pleasurable than browsing books or vinyl. Here's a list of bookseller's complaints from a big American chain: click on it to enlarge.

BTW: if you can be separated from your money in a good cause (preventing teenage homophobia) by purchasing a calendar featuring naked male librarian beefcake, you should probably go here


ed said...

Funnily enough, I was never asked to contribute to that calendar. Plenty of requests to pose for 'Save the Gorillas' though... I'm a beefcake librarian minus the beef.

intelliwench said...'s not too late to change my M.A. course of study to Library Science. Thanks Vole!

unluckydip said...

you could try checking out the second hand book stand in the market, there's a lot of it is pulp but you can find the odd gem now and then.