Friday, 9 September 2011

Here comes the sun

OK, I can't leave you in grumpy mood. Here's a fine track by Emma Pollock, once of that mighty (and mightily underrated) Scottish band The Delgados. It's called 'The Optimist'. (Sorry about the sappy visuals).

And while I'm feeling uplifted, here's the Delgados' Peel Session cover of 'Mr Blue Sky', which is truly stunning (unlike the original).

And if I'm going to give you one insanely upbeat indie Peel Session cover of a pop track, I may as well go the whole hog and play you Th' Faith Healers' wall of sound version of Abba's heartbreaking S.O.S. Some of them became Quickspace (or Quickspace Supersport), who were krautrock monsters. I saw Th' Faith Healers at All Tomorrow's Parties not long ago. Mighty.

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