Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to life, back to reality

Morning all. I'm feeling fully human again, which is a terrible waste as I'm spending the day at our Teaching and Learning staff conference. Some of it looks great. There's a session on 'Teaching with Facebook' - well, I've taught while the students are all on Facebook, but I fundamentally distrust universities trying to look 'cool' and down with the kids. Then there's the legal and privacy angle: I don't want to be on Facebook, I don't want them owning my personal data, and I don't want my teaching activity to be subject to the copyright, design and technical whims of a distant corporation. What happens when 'the kids' have all moved on to some other site? Are we going to chase them everywhere? Anyone on Second Life? Hello? Hello? Check out the tumbleweed blowing through the academic spaces on that ghost town!

There's only one solution. We all pick Geocities and stay there.

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