Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cynical political adverts of our time

Here's an ad for a Polish political candidate from the SLD party. Any Polish readers care to translate the message at the end? It's slightly odd because Poland's such a conservative country: yesterday's election results returned a business-conservative party ahead of the cultural-conservative party, which is pretty depressing.

When I taught political communication, one of the themes we addressed was the replacement of policy communication with brand/lifestyle political ads. Here's an Austrian one which is both highly sophisticated and utterly, utterly cynical: my non-Germanophone students were stunned when I revealed at the end that it was a political advert. Entirely lacking in policy ideas, it trades on the idea that no attractive woman would ever sleep with a liberal.

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Ewarwoowar said...

Oh Voley.

You know how to push my buttons don't you? Both adverts are sensational.

The Polish message at the end is roughly: "Want more? Vote for SLD! Only we can give you more."

They've got my vote.