Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The most disgusting pervert on the internet

I just got a notification from Flickr about another user 'favoriting' (I know, it's not a verb, and it's missing a 'u') a picture I took. Oh goody. Perhaps one of my beautiful landscapes? Or one of my fencing action shots?

Er, no.

This is Jeremy Hunt, a man so unpleasant that even a Radio 4 presenter made the obvious slip, live on air. He's a Conservative Party minister. I took his photo - in the dark, at a distance, hence the poor quality - at the UK School Games. Oddly enough, his boring speech didn't mention his government's abolition of the event.

Delving into the users' profile, it seems that he or she seems to have some deeply perverse obsession with rightwing British politicians. Haza610: unless you moderate your desires (perhaps bestiality is a step up the moral ladder for you), you're blocked.

This morning's email haul hasn't been all bad: I've won $5,000,000,00 dollars (is that a trillion?) without even trying, thanks to Mr Collins Moore, and a young lady from the Cote d'Ivoire, Lilian Yao, wants to give me 10% of her £3,500,000 fortune if I just let it 'rest in my bank account', like Father Ted. See you, losers!

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