Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Time for a Quickie?

If you're looking for a sharply-written book of erotic and very short stories for the underside of your mattress, then you need Quickies: Stories for Adults, a slim and smutty anthology compiled by the bright young hairy-palmed ladies and gentlemen of Manchester's literary scene. No doubt the gentlemen authors will claim that the tales last for much longer than the ladies.
Smut. Pulp. Dirt. Filth. The twitch of curtains. The starched flick of petticoats. The slow dance of couples undressing. Scandal. Intrigue. Forbidden passions. Love. Lust. Fidelity. Infidelity. Lies. Truth. Unrequited longings. Happy marriages. Broken promises. Strange fantasies. Quickies: Stories for Adults is a collection of stories, each no longer than 400 words, that catch humanity in the act and report back what they see. 
If you need further recommendation, I'm told that several copies were sold at the Conservative Party Conference this week. Say what you like about Tories, they're seriously discerning perverts (as George Osborne's lawyer will tell you).

You can order it at your local bookstore if you are a moral vacuum, or have it delivered in authentic shaming brown paper from this site (yes, it is SFW). You can even get it sent to your wipe-clean Kindle.

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A person who is in no way Benjamin Judge because he would never do anything as shameful as plugging a book he worked on said...

That looks like a totally brilliant collection. I must buy at least one copy straight away!