Tuesday, 18 October 2011

They are the Resurrection

OK, so the Stone Roses have reformed, despite the vicious, vehement ways in which they phrased their previous refusals to do so. I've already posted my objections to this kind of cabaret act, but there's another good reason for the Roses not to do so: have you ever heard Ian Brown sing live?

Here's what they sound like on record:

And here's what they sounded like live: you'll want to rip off your ears. This is why Alexis Petridis said this of Ian Brown's voice:
The line that Ian Brown cannot sing has been repeated so often that it feels very tired, but the degree to which he cannot sing still has the capacity to shake you awake. Here, his voice is a muffled, gloomy honk, like a despondent goose wearing a balaclava.

Which is why we should be left with the memories and the albums.

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Grumpy Bob said...

Never been a major Stone Roses fan. Too old probably. On the other hand, Magazine have just released their first album since 1981. That's tonight's listening sorted! (And I am a little nervous about it)