Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cruelty to trees must stop. Full stop

I've pulled down yet another forest: today's mail includes 2 copies of Fflur Dafydd's The White Trail, the latest retelling of a Mabinogion story, this one being the classic 'How Culhwch Won Olwen'. I must be a complete moron to accidentally order two copies. Also: Chuck Palahniuk's new one, Damned, whose heroine is a teenager raising hell in, well, hell. Terry Pratchett's new one, Snuff is here, as is Emma Donoghue's Victorian pastiche The Sealed Letter and 500 Essential Graphic Novels so I can pretend to be well-informed on the bus (where I recently heard tell of the Marvel Zombies…).

On the positive side of the balance sheet, I've just received the issue of The Sword, and they've used quite a lot of my photos of the European Fencing Championships and the UK School Games, right next to the professional photographers'  shots, which is giving me a warm glow.

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