Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On holiday? Then come to sunny Sheffield

It's the UK School Games this week: 10 sports in multiple venues spread across the mighty city of Sheffield. I'm going as a child protection/welfare bloke for fencing for the fourth time. And I can honestly say that not a single fencer has died on my watch.

Anyway, if you fancy some top quality sport in Olympic-style surroundings, tickets are still available here. I'll be at the English Institute of Sport - again: I was there for the European Championships only a few weeks ago. So come and say hello. I'll be wearing lilac… damn it.

You'd better hurry: the government has cancelled the UKSG (which was designed as part of the Olympic's 'legacy' plan) in favour of a smaller, crapper event. It seems to be motivated by spite: nothing Labour did is to be allowed to survive, however good. If Labour had taken the same attitude, we'd never have had a Millennium Dome, restrictive union laws, several small but vicious wars, bust banks… Ah. Now I see the problem.

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