Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cameron's New York smackdown

The New York Times isn't impressed with David Cameron's adoption of Mubarak techniques for dealing with urban disorder:

Mr. Cameron, and his Liberal Democrat coalition partners, should know better. They risk long-term damage to Britain’s already fraying social compact.Making poor people poorer will not make them less likely to steal. Making them, or their families, homeless will not promote respect for the law. Trying to shut down the Internet in neighborhoods would be an appalling violation of civil liberties and a threat to public safety, denying vital real-time information to frightened residents.Britain’s urban wastelands need constructive attention from the Cameron government, not just punishment. His government’s wrongheaded austerity policies have meant fewer public sector jobs and social services. Even police strength is scheduled to be cut. The poor are generally more dependent on government than the affluent, so they have been hit the hardest.What Britain’s sputtering economy really needs is short-term stimulus, not more budget cutting. Unfortunately, there is no sign that Mr. Cameron has figured that out. But, at a minimum, burdens need to be more fairly shared between rich and poor — not as a reward to anyone, but because it is right.
Fair play is one traditional British value we have always admired. And one we fear is increasingly at risk. 

When you're too rightwing and populist for Americans to stomach, you've really lost it. His desperate cheerleading for swingeing penalties (6 months for stealing a bottle of water) is driven by two things: fear, and a pathological preference for Daily Mail-friendly electoral calculation over thoughtful administration.


The Red Witch said...

Ever hear about Pierre Trudeau invoking the War Measures Act in Oct. 1970 and putting the entire province of Quebec under martial law?

The Plashing Vole said...

Wow. Trudeau was such an oddball. Mind you, Harper seems to view democracy as a mighty inconvenience too.

The Red Witch said...

Harper has been fairly subdued. Under Trudeau, a fellow named Peter Treu was charged under the Official Secrets Act , given a secret trial and thrown in jail. What this article doesn't say (,9171,946993,00.html) is that seven years later the givernment said 'oops!' and let him go. There was very little outrage from the public. I think few people even noticed. Yes Trudeau was an oddball. This is the stuff of a third world government; if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.
Nobody should be surprised to see the government reactions to the riots, only disappointed.