Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I'm getting my coat, I've pulled

Apparently word of Plashing Vole's charm and good looks has spread beyond these shores.
My Name is lilina I am girl. I will be happy if you can reply me because i have
something to discuss with you and also send my pictures to you
Thanks yours, lilian1987@yahoo.com)
from lilina
Lilina is clearly a sophisticated woman, despite the dyslexia implied by two different spelling of her name. She has two email addresses for a start: this was received from
Which does it for me: all those l's put me in mind of the internal rhythms of Welsh cynghanedd, or Gerard Manley Hopkins' 'sprung rhythm'.
And who could resist a girl who works for Libero? As Berlusconi's devoted cheerleader, there's a newspaper which knows how to party! I wonder if she's related to Kellen. Or - looking through the IP addresses,  J. Visser of Viper, Maaskade 1, in the Netherlands. He has an email address too: 

I assume that the 'something to discuss' is English lessons. Shall I reply?

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