Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bring Back Hanging… For Everyone

Some stupid Tory scum are doing what they always do when they're bored and want to please the stupid papers: agitating to bring back capital punishment.

I always thought the point of being in a society was that together, we behave better than the individuals who commit appalling crimes. I'm also liberal enough to believe that irrational crimes are a marker of mental illness rather than 'evil'. Which means that we don't kill people, whatever they do. We try to cure them, or keep everyone else safe from them.

Luckily, John Cooper Clarke has a rather good song about this. He stayed in my friend Mark's house, y'know!


Anonymous said...

idiots who think you can cure evil killers are bigger idiots than i thought i say kill them the same was they kill there there victams and get rid of the do goodies as well

The Plashing Vole said...

If that's you, Ben, that's a spot-on parody of the kind of people I imagine support capital punishment.