Monday, 8 August 2011

What I Reckon

You might have noticed that I contributed a piece to the Guardian's HE pages: my summer diary.

What have I learned?
1. Humour doesn't translate to the web very well unless you're very witty indeed. Obviously I'm not.
2. Internet commenters are very tedious. I should know: I am one. But it certainly feels different being on the receiving end.
3. Although, this one in response to what I said about capital punishment is a brilliantly-observed parody. I hope.

What have I been up to since last I blogged? A day in Dublin and a few days in wonderful, wet Kerry: mountains, herons, the sea. In a few days, Puck Fair begins and debauchery will reign. Until they let the goat go. This is not a joke. Though the goat is unharmed.

Some pictures of the pre-fair excitement. I'll post the occasional shot here, but the full set will have to wait: I'm not on a mega-fast academic connection and would like to leave the house occasionally. Click on them to enlarge.

The mayor's face is a delight.

She has better teeth than me.

Another waster idling his summer away sunning himself

We're not in the West Midlands any more, Toto!

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