Thursday, 18 August 2011

Highlights from my Freshers' Week

1. My room-mate takes down the gold lamé curtains to make them into a shirt.
2. A Mancunian housemate offers to 'take on' all the Welsh people in the SU. In North Wales.
3. I return to find my room hosting an evangelical prayer meeting. One of my housemates has converted - after three days of riotous abandon - and is now a virgin. Again.
4. The Yorkshire lad upstairs pours aftershave on his DMs, lights them and walks around in them (I think it was Fresher's week, it may have been later). He leaves the room whenever 'feminine hygiene' adverts appear on the TV
5. I buy two ten-inch records, Tindersticks' Sweet Kathleen and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's Patio. The rest of my life (and my debts) flow from this.
6. University accommodation woman tells us that we 'don't deserve' our house because we came on Clearing.
7. The brilliant folk band turns out to be a Christian Union honeytrap. Curses!

The rest is a haze of fervid activity. It was a surreal - and wonderful - year.

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Imaginary Friend said...

Good old Vera Owen from the accommodation office. Didn't she accuse us of damaging the corrugated plastic shed roof by sunbathing on it and damaging the stair carpet by sliding down the stairs on pillows??? Probably the only things for which we were not guilty- they never did discover my badly damaged bedroom door!
...and the gold lamé curtains looked much better on david than they did at your bedroom window, especially when he used them as a robe whilst standing on a chair singing 'Dancing Queen'.
Good times.