Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nurse! The screens!

Unpleasant privatisation-fixated Tory Health minister Andrew Lansley has added another glorious entry to the list of faux-apologies:

Andrew Lansley has said he is "sorry" for failing to communicate his plans for the NHS to health workers.  "I am sorry if what it is I am attempting to do is not communicated."

Clever. He's apologised for something nobody's accused him of. They voted (99% majority) that they have no confidence in him because of the 'reforms' he's imposing on the NHS, which will simply wreck it.

But he hasn't apologised for his stupid ideas. He's apologised for 'not communicating' them well. Nobody's made that claim. It's a Tory invention which they're pushing hard - the 'pause' in the legislation is so that Clegg, Cameron and Lansley can go on a sales trip, not question whether they've got it right.

The nurses understand what Lansley intends to do, very clearly. But in their professional opinions (and those of the doctors), it's madness.

Waffling about communications is a ruse, but a classic one beloved of politicians. They usually deploy the 'if' clause, as in 'if I've offended anyone by accusing my opponent of bestiality…'. Got to admire their rat-like cunning.

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