Wednesday, 20 April 2011

He is out of the office and will reply to your mail in due course

I quite like it when ancient institutions and corporations try to make themselves look cool and down with the kids by using new media and the like. They always do it badly: Paul Uppal MP has a moribund Twitter account, as does The Hegemon and a range of politicians: you can tell they don't mean it because they don't engage in any dialogue. Instead, they just send things out (Uppal doesn't even manage that) as an extension of their PR. I believe this is known as a FAIL.

However, it saddens even an evil atheist like me to see the Church of England stooping to our level. I saw a poster outside a church today which read 'God Answers Kneemail'. Tragic. And a hostage to fortune: it's tempting to phone the Advertising Standards Agency.

I tried it. This is all I got in reply:

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